An Interview With Judd Lofchie 

Why did you decide to practice law? 

I always wanted to be a lawyer. Some say it's baked into my DNA.  I love helping people solve important problems - with compassion.


What was your most memorable case? Why?  

I helped a refugee from Congo play basketball at Mooseheart . It sounds small, but it was a truly moving case that affected the development of the young man and other international students facing social acceptance. It helped him with his self-esteem and helped him play in college! 

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What do you think is the most common misconception with what you do as an attorney?

That we are fishing all of the time.  I'm not sure why, but many assume there is less litigation today that there was in the past.  That doesn't apply to our office.  We're always engaged and digging deep into our clients cases.  That's how we succeed.

What what the biggest legal challenge you encountered (and won)?

There are so many! I represented a woman-owned real estate company when I was practicing in Washington D.C.. Together, we fight the banks and we won. She kept her business and received compensation. Also, I helped a couple from Guatemala achieve political asylum.  It was difficult, but with an all-hands-on-deck approach, our team was able to help.