An Interview With






Why did you decide to practice law?
I have wanted to be an attorney since I was a child.  As the child and grandchild of Cuban immigrants, I was acutely aware at a young age of the impact that laws and government can have on people's lives.  I wanted to be lawyer to use the law to protect people's rights and prevent abuse.

What was your most memorable case? why?

The most memorable case I've ever been involved with was about 12 years ago and before I decided to focus my practice on real estate transactions.  I was working for a civil litigation boutique in Chicago.  We represented the estate of a grandmother and the parents of her minor granddaughter in a wrongful death and personal injury case against a municipality and its transit authority.  A bus jumped a curb at an intermodal transit station, killing the grandmother and several injuring the granddaughter as well as destroying the bus shelter.  I worked to prepare the mediation materials to reach a large settlement for our clients.


What do you think is the most common misconception with what you do?

As a real estate attorney, I find that many people think they can handle their real estate transaction without our advice, expertise and representation.  Most people who stick to that philosophy wind up regretting it.  Also, many people think that we're here to just argue on their behalf regardles of how unreasonable or untenable their position is.  While I am a defender of my clients rights, I also see myself as a counselor reminding the client of what their end goal really is and what the best way to attain that is.